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Been a while since I've posted a #crazyidea - I guess I've been tired. But here's a new one: Imagine a tycoon like game a la OpenTTD. But instead of bits given fancy names such as wood and goods, you're transporting datastructures. But you're also responsible for designing the factories that change the datastructures into the requested forms. And then you can compile it to actual working software. Ok, this isn't actually a new idea, it's just visualised differently.

@zatnosk The only game sort of close to what you described is Big Pharma and maybe Shenzhen IO

@CrimSun@mastodon.social I've heard Shenzhen IO mentioned a couple of times, but I haven't tried it. There's also a chemistry game in that alley called Chem-something, can't remember the full name, but I have it on Steam.

@zatnosk Shenzhen IO is more of a puzzle game really.

@CrimSun@mastodon.social SpaceChem was the name I was thinking of. And that's definitely a puzzle game. But IMO the only difference between puzzle and tycoon (if we can call the other type that) is the amount of open-ended-ness there is, and how expressive the tools are to make complex systems.

@zatnosk Tycoon would refer to any management game that involves the simulation of running a business.

@zatnosk gah tycoon like a game...I want this as a game...

@zatnosk I think it'd be more fun if it was chems and you had to do some factory style rate control to get the right stuff

@Efi@mastodon.social you might like SpaceChem, it's on steam. Kinda rate-control, but also positioning and rotation puzzles.

@zatnosk I was literally thinking of SpaceChem when writing that nwn <3