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A project worth watching: Fedibook - A Federated Facebook Replacement (Contributions Welcome)
#FLOSS #decentralisation #SocialCoop #platformcoop



I didn't even have to TOOT my own horn there ;D

Cheers mate!


you're welcome! it's great to see such initiatives. our instance (social.coop) is run as a co-op and we've been looking for other federated services we could support and offer to our members to help us wean off of the big corporate platforms


Very cool :D

I am excited to work on it, as well as get some more talented (or hell even wanting to learn) folks involved as well.

@banjofox @mayel how does #Fedibook differ from #Diaspora, #Hubzilla, #Friendica, #NextCloud and all the other projects with similar goals?

@strypey @mayel

The primary goal of #Fedibook is compatibility. On day one of production, we want users to be able to follow/interact with #Mastodon users.

#Diaspora, as commented by @rysiek​ is not compatible with anything outside itself. Not sure about the others.

As a long term goal we might even make "plug-ins" so that Fedibook can interact with Diaspora, and any other federated servers that people ask for.

@banjofox I guess I'm asking why start a totally new project, instead of adding the features you want to one (or more) of the existing ones?
@banjofox there's a consensus emerging that full compatibility will be achieved by moving protocol support into shared modules ...


...and having to Reverse-Engineer a protocol, while a fun exercise, does not bode well for "openness" or intercompatibility.

@banjofox true, but that was due to the #Diaspora protocol specs being under-documented, having only been used internally up to then

@strypey @banjofox

>true, but that was due to the #Diaspora protocol specs being under-documented, having only been used internally up to then

Wow, sorry? The diaspora protocol is very well documented here: diaspora.github.io/diaspora_fe and implemented in ruby, php, python and go. It looks like you didn't really search or ask for it...

@fla @strypey @banjofox yeah, it is NOW. It wasn't back when Friendica and Hubzilla implemented it.

You might have missed a few posts in the context due to conversation branching :)

(see dev.glitch.social/@banjofox/98 and replies from there)

@zatnosk @strypey @banjofox indeed, I missed messages. I hate this branch thing.

So, the diaspora protocol is *correctly* documented for more than two years, way before Mastodon and this new project, Fedibook. They could have looked at it.

@fla @zatnosk @banjofox "I hate this branch thing" you can't have or follow meaningful conversations without preserving a sequence of posts
@zatnosk @fla @banjofox the inability of most #fediverse / #federation clients to preserve continuity between posts is a major #UX fail IMHO

@strypey @fla @zatnosk

I am wondering if there are ways to add these suggestions to a space on GitHub for discussion.... :thaenkin:​

@banjofox @zatnosk @fla you could open some Issues, but why GITHub? Why not, say, a Discourse instance

@strypey @fla @zatnosk

Is there a NOT $100/month Discourse service that I should be aware of?

@banjofox @zatnosk @fla I don't understand. Do you want to run your own #Discourse instance? Or move this discussion to an existing one?
@zatnosk @fla @banjofox sorry I might have been better to ask clarifying questions when you brought up GITHub ;)
@zatnosk @fla @banjofox are you already using GitHub for #FediBook dev and wanting to document this discussion there for reference?
🧙Tsatnosk @zatnosk

@strypey there's a link to the fedibok repo on github in @banjofox's biotext.

Also, I'd like to be untagged from further conversation, please :)

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