An RPG where classes are only guidelines for effective builds, and skills are trained and require earlier skills. Kinda like a huge diablo-esque skilltree.

Also, skills aren't used directly in combat, instead skills are various martial arts-like stances, that when combined do stuff in combat.
Any action would then be going from the stance you're in, through a second stance and end in a third.

Stance A: Stand relaxed
Stance B: Stretched fist

Basic attack: A -> B -> A

Magic would work by starting from a Channeling stance*, and then entering any regular stance.
Each regular stance would have some effect on the magic, and some of them would release the magic in some way.

A channeling stance could be:
Channel Fire
Channel Frost
Channel Lightning
Channel Healing

Casting a fireball could then be:
Channel Fire -> Stretched Fist -> x

And similarly
Channel Healing -> Stretched Fist -> x
would heal a distant target a small amount.

To cast as many fireballs as you can, you'd want to do
[Fire -> Fist -> Fire] in order to end up in Fire and be ready to cast again immediately.

Bigger spells would be cast by using non-releasing stances, and adding consecutive actions.

[Fire -> Arms in T -> Hands above Head] [Hands above Head -> Twirl -> One Leg Balance] [One Leg Balance -> Stomp Down -> x]
could be a sequence that would create a spinning fire nova around you, doing huge AoE damage.


And then we'd have the possibility of custom ritualistic magic dances in a videogame. Wouldn't that be something?

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