I want to learn, but I have no time to use what I have learned, so what's the point?

My phone is dying because I sat over breakfast for en hour playing a stupid game. Time gated pay2win mobile horribleness.

So now I'm even more late to work than usual and I don't care.
Nothing I can do feels meaningful right now.

It seems I'm having a nihilism attack. Or is it just overwhelming ennui?
Is it related to anxiety attacks?
Do I even want to know?
Who cares?

Do you care?

@zatnosk it will keep your learning abilities sharp and your mind hungry. Also you never know what else it migth be useful for, or when. And its fun. Think about teaching programing to school kids. Few will use the lang you teach, few well even program ever again. But it introduces them to thinking patterns which are useful beyond programming. So learn all you can :-)

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