I miss BlackMarket.dk

I miss watching the VlogBrothers regularly on youtube, and binging on their years of multiple videos per week, and smelling the fascinating community

I had a stone-thing that said "These are the good old days" - I left it behind some years ago, because it was big, bulky and didn't fit in my living space anymore. What an apt metaphor...


relatedly, I'm sick and tired of always being in "rebuilding community and social circle" mode.
I've known so many people, had so many friends through the few years I've been around. But not that many of those friends actually knew each other, and even fewer of them stuck around.

I just want some kind of friend-group that I can hang out with and do fun stuff with.

I just want to belong. Is that too much to ask for?

And I want a social space online, where I'm not exposing my feelings to the wide internet, but still let people read it.
And shuttup with your "you can't have both", I had it for ten years until it shut down a year ago.

@zatnosk this is so relatable. I basically gave up on making new friends since I left my hometown 10 years ago. Many people did come and go during these years and no one ever made it past acquaintance. I guess it's just what being an adult looks like, at this point...

@Antanicus I refuse to admit defeat and accept it as "how it will always be".

The world is as we make it, and if I, as a cishet white male with a well-paying job*, can't make my environment fit me, how's anyone supposed to have an enjoyable life?

*) Read: having shitloads of (undeserved) privilege and resources at my disposal.

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