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That* mini-rant made me rethink my stance on privacy and personal-read-logs.

The mentioned social site, Blackmarket.dk, had blogs and other stuff built in, but crucially it had logs that showed who read/looked at your stuff.
While those logs birthed a non-zero amount of anxiety towards anonymous profiles, they also let people monitor who saw their feelings, and course correct in the following blogs. And sometimes it even gave an excuse for talking with people.

*) Link: manowar.social/@zatnosk/993364

:blobwizard: Tsatnosk @zatnosk

And while earlier I was,
"Nooo, don't log my movements I don't want to be traaacked",

now I'm thinking it's just as important to give the author power to know what happens online. And it's not as if it's hidden knowledge, because everyone had their own logs. It's just another method of doing private but connected.

And IMO way better than the current fediverse attitude of "default open everything".
Yes, Mastodon gives options, but the way they're built inhibit community growth.