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Inspired by @peter (toot.cafe/@peter/9936576231226) I spend a little time today toying with the idea of how a Mastodon interface centered around image consumption (think Instagram) could look like.

I think most Mastodon concepts translates well into this space, even adding popular features that Instagram refuse to implement themselves, such as republishing other people's content (boosting).


:blobwizard: Tsatnosk @zatnosk

@kartoffelmos @peter wut, I'm featured in a screenshot!

Also, I made an attempt at a instagram inspired client for Mastodon a while back. It's unfinished, but live on zatnosk.dk/playground/mastogra

The code is available on github.com/zatnosk/mastogram/

The main thing I'd want you to draw inspiration from is how I present multiple pictures in one post. I think my algorithm can be optimised to scale-fit the images better, though.