All those poor people on Instagram switching to Vero...

Makes me want to build a decent image sharing network. Not just an app for Mastodon, but something standalone and optimised for images (and ofc using ActivityPub for compatibility with the million+ people using mastodon)

@zatnosk ugh, manowar is suddenly unavailable. I'll continue from here.

If I were to build such a system, the first step in my master plan would be to build a Crate in Rust that takes care of ActivityPub federation. At best something that can be used for multiple projects and maybe even shared with #Aardwolf.

After that the next steps would be
2) Basic storage of images and related data
3) Sane image uploading with good privacy respecting defaults regarding metadata scrubbing

4) Client API optimised for fast image loading
5) Web Client
6) Android Client
7) iPhone Client
8) Marketing and branding of a flagship server towards a core of selfie-taking "influencers".

@zatnosk @zatnosk sounds like a great job for a fairly well funded dev team đŸ¤” otherwise by the time you finish all this, MastoVR will have launched…

@kai @zatnosk of I soon it correctly, I might be able to build a cooperatively owned company for it as litra 5a.


@kai wat. "of I soon it correctly" was supposed to be "if I spin it correctly"...

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