I want more explorability in my social media.

Instead of just being able to see the latests posts everyone writes, I want to explore all the nice art and words and thoughts people have uploaded, and I want to see the connections and recommendations as something more permanent than an infrequent follow-friday post.

(And of course every publicity feature should be opt-in)

Zooming in on follow recommendations:

Follow-friday posts are infrequent, but the positive part is that people explicitly recommend a few people and often write reasons or "genres" in relation to those people.

To make that more explorable, I imagine a special type of post and/or a separate section on one's profile, where these recommendations are shown.

Then it would be up to people to either post a few or a lot as they prefer. Of course with all the privacy levels available.

In addition, I want a distinction between ephemeral here-and-now posts and the more permanent posts, that possibly present artwork or stories or other content that the creator deems to be relevant a week, a month or a year from now.

And that attribute should ideally be changeable after posting, like pinned toots are in mastodon.

Both of those are very possible improvements without leaving the streaming metaphor that mastodon is designed around.
But if we allow ourselves to leave the everything-in-streams, we could present the follow-recs and the static posts as the primary content grouped by whoever posted it.

We could still use streams for the ephemeral/temporary posts, but possibly with everything grouped as conversations instead of every post on it's own in one big pile of everything.

@zatnosk Sounds a little bit like what Twitter wanted to do with their “moment” thing.


@Kooda twitters moments were always and addition to their primary stream interface, and wasn't very visible in that stream. My point is, if we want non-stream interfaces, they need to be their own thing and not something tucked to the backside of a stream.

People use and learn the primary interface. Only powerusers (by definition!) use all the fancy features and complex interactions.
Which means any significant change in interface culture must be part of the primary interface.

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