Do anyone have any tips for finding local / semi-local tech meetups, smaller conferences and similar events?

Challenge: I'm in Jutland, Denmark, and Copenhagen is too far away for anything more than a once-a-year event.

@zatnosk Asking in the next largest space is always an option. Even when Copenhagen is far away from you, maybe the Labitat folks know of something closer to you? (If you were closer to the border, I'd have suggested Flensburg …). Going to non-regional events like Bornhack and asking around might also help.
Not sure if is used in Denmark at all (or a similar website)? Failing that, start your own ;)

@rixx I didn't even know about Labitat! Thanks for that tip.

Bornhack is a bit too long for me currently; I can do a weekend a most, not a week.

But good point with asking around in other not-close-enough events. Thanks :)

@zatnosk Labitat is super cool in my experience! So contact should be a good idea in any case :)

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