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Deploying an instance of a written-in-Rust social network by:
1) $ cargo new instance_name --bin
2) Editing Cargo.toml *
3) $ cargo run **

*) The Cargo.toml file would list a set of social network building blocks as dependencies, and include all necessary configuration (e.g. domain name)

**) starts the server in the background.


I don't know if this is possible or just insane, but that's really the level of flexibility I dream about in a social networking server

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@zatnosk I don't think most developers work "backward" like this but I think it's a good perspective

@kai the point of it all would be that you wouldn't have to be a developer to deploy an instance (just a tech enthusiast), but still get the stability and ease of use that developers get when compiling their code.

Also, compiling everything on a local machine is good for your freedoms :P
(And people could of course easily distribute pre-compiled versions of this system)

@zatnosk Pleroma is easy enough with a tutorial (maybe I'll try Mastodon next!), but had something gone wrong with one of the magical scripts or configuration or whatever is going on there, I don't think I would have been able to fix it. I still don't understand how it works.


Aardwolf currently builds like:

- Edit Aardwolf.toml
- cargo run --bin server


(presuming you have the PostGRES running of course. XD)

@banjofox but I still have to download the Aardwolf source manually (and set up PostGRES first :p)

And Aardwolf is one whole package. I want it to build me a "custom" server based on multiple modules.

Maybe it should rather be a tiny core (a la micro-kernel) that then has "plugins" compiled in to do all the heavy lifting. E.g. protocol support, serving a specific UI, using a specific database, doing transformations on incoming posts (such as blocklisting, translating to known formats, etc.)


We are actually getting to the modular design. @asonix did a HUMONGOUS number of updates to separate out parts into "workspaces". The long-term plan is to have multiple crates that will work together :)

@banjofox nice. I really need to look at Aardwolf again soon.



We're still not at MVP-stage yet, but the ideas are slowly falling into place.