Parenting, food 

When the kid REALLY wants to eat an apple.


I made a cake for a three year old dinosaur fan today. I'm pretty happy with the result, AND it tasted good.

joke, parenting, tech adjacent 

I got a new keyboard, do you like it?

I'm having 40 cl of water with my lich today.

Also, I'm alone working from home, can you tell?

Cool. My rust code can now generate a static image of a sparse forest at somewhere around... 0.6 frames per second.

It looks like this:

Tfw the paper and the colors of the store's gift packaging is so yuck you just have to redo all of it yourself.

Selfie, eye contact 

Neither my fiancee nor my kid has seen Totoro, so this reference is for y'all.

Pokémon Go 

I caught 12 dratinis today :dratini:

That means looots of dratini candy, and I now have a near perfect dragonite 😍

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