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There's a browser based Gameboy emulater on github*. There's also a disassembly of PokĂ©mon Red/Blue on github**. Which means... Show more

Hey ho, here's some random images that I for some reason have on my computer.
They're all from wikipedia (, I think).

I pulled out my that I have been neglecting for two months and wrote down all the projects I'm currently trying to do something with.

Seven different projects in very limited free time. No wonder I felt the need to get a bit more organized.

Yrhese poryrions of myr sxvreen work. Yay.

Yrhe lefry bar of empryyness have been ryhere for a while, iry's ryhe bar in yrhe middle yrhayr's jusyr appeared.


Is there anyone who've created a house in , who'd want to remove that house again in the near future?
Currently, I don't have functionality for that, but if anyone needs it, I'd prioritize that as the next feature.

Otherwise I'll go for changing the style of the house! (As in, choosing a different set of images - I've drawn some brick houses, I'd like to use.)


For the curious but lazy, and for history, here's a screenshot of the overview right now: manowar.social/media/5lrns1Pyd

More doodling on this visual programming language

First pebernødder og the season. Almost ready for D&D tomorrow!
I doodled a bit on how I'd build a visual programming language. And since I have a fancy new scanner, courtesy of my employer, here's a #crazyidea doodle!
Btw, this is what my dwarf looks like. I drew him myself, because I am pr0-h4xx0r-1337 at pixel art. #ProjectKobold

D&D day! We're in a dungeon (technically an ancient wizards house) but there's been no sign of any dragons yet. Except a picture in one room of an elven woman fighting a dragon. Not sure it counts.

No kobolds either.

Done with the shelves! Or at least their bearings. I still need to fasten the planks.

And the desk, but that's only 15 holes in the wall, these shelves took 40 holes (plus two errors, one of which is completely covered by one of the bearings).