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I made a mockup* of how I want to present all the great projects in the fediverse in my project.

Guess that project isn't dead yet.

* in microsoft paint. Consider yourself warned.

I thought I could just sit down and game for 20 minutes before going to bed.

... Guess not.

Look at my garden, my garden's amazing!

(Give it a lick, it tastes just like raisins)

... There's a dwarf walking around in .
But they can't find any gardens...

I made a mockup in paint. :blobwizard:

There's a browser based Gameboy emulater on github*. There's also a disassembly of Pokémon Red/Blue on github**. Which means... Show more

Hey ho, here's some random images that I for some reason have on my computer.
They're all from wikipedia (, I think).

I pulled out my that I have been neglecting for two months and wrote down all the projects I'm currently trying to do something with.

Seven different projects in very limited free time. No wonder I felt the need to get a bit more organized.

Yrhese poryrions of myr sxvreen work. Yay.

Yrhe lefry bar of empryyness have been ryhere for a while, iry's ryhe bar in yrhe middle yrhayr's jusyr appeared.


Is there anyone who've created a house in , who'd want to remove that house again in the near future?
Currently, I don't have functionality for that, but if anyone needs it, I'd prioritize that as the next feature.

Otherwise I'll go for changing the style of the house! (As in, choosing a different set of images - I've drawn some brick houses, I'd like to use.)


For the curious but lazy, and for history, here's a screenshot of the overview right now: manowar.social/media/5lrns1Pyd

More doodling on this visual programming language

First pebernødder og the season. Almost ready for D&D tomorrow!
I doodled a bit on how I'd build a visual programming language. And since I have a fancy new scanner, courtesy of my employer, here's a #crazyidea doodle!
Resistance is futile. #Borg