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Fantasy map, hand drawn 

I drew a map! What do you think?


Big dimetrodon and small dimetrodon is taking a train trip today!


Not exactly @Alexis level, but good enough for me and my refrigerator.


Can you guess what's in my glass? Hint: it's between 10% and 40% alcohol.

Selfie, eye contact 

I know it's and all, but here's the latest fashion in dad looks.

Covid19 adjacent joke 

This blue avian alien would like you to know that Corvid Virus is a big problem, and should be taken seriously, mkay?

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Staying at home because of Covid19 

So because of the whole of Denmark going on lockdown, I took a day off to hold my kid home from daycare.
And that's why I've just modelled a brown elephant on a thursday morning.


Toddler was suddenly curious what I was doing on my computer;

Then I closed mastodon to start the actual task I wanted to do before dinner, and the toddler started yelling "Stooooop" as one does when someone is doing something one doesn't want to happen.

Turns out the toddler liked the "phant" in the corner of my screen, and wanted to watch it on the big television.

Denmark fun fact 

So, most of Denmark is made up of Jutland - the pretty flat peninsula that sits on top of Germany and fails to reach Norway.

Fun fact: The top of that peninsula is actually an island. In 1825 a flood broke through the sand-pile connecting it with the rest of Jutland and it has been an island since.

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