What kind of resources would it take to make the an epic mix of LARP, TTRPG and TV/Web Series?

I'm thinking a small team of GMs/directors guiding the story, a main party / ensemble cast that act and improvise in character as they go along, a bunch of extras to play any necessary NPCs, and a mix of cheap visual effects and green screen to make the setting believable.

With a dedicated team, it would be possible to shoot an episode in a day or maybe a weekend, I imagine.

Dream, video game, 1/? 

I dreamt I was playing a video game made by someone on the fediverse. A third person 3d platformer inspired by Diablo 2. I was playing an alpha version, and at the start of the game my character was exploring a huge dungeon, and at one point I find a magic item, that unlocks having mana, but picking it up also partially wakes/releases the primary villains, a trio of demons.

I want a programming editor where I can put nice little cute stickers next to the code.

Nothing that pollutes the code, just an extra file somewhere that the editor reads to figure out where to show stickers.

And also, please make said editor a tree editor that works on structured data, rather than a huge everything-is-text-bla-bla-universal-interface mess. I'm too old for syntax errors.

If everything is possible, that also means all mistakes are possible.

Programming language, possibly fictional paradigm? 

I want a programming language where a program is defined as a graph of
* values
* calculations (= functions, possibly only the pure kind?)
* I/O?

The compiler and/or runtime then figure out how to organize all the calculations and the I/O and how to store/manage the values, so the expected values are calculated when needed.

Does this exist already?
What am I missing to make it work?

(Is this just a lisp with weird syntax?)

I want/need a tile- & turn-based 4X game builder like RPG Maker is to the RPG genre.

I'm warming more and more to the idea of building a new format for interactive websites that can replace most if not all of the current http+html+css+javascript stack.

The main design goals would be to avoid sending turing complete code over the network and to disallow arbitrary network requests.

Tired: eXplore eXpand eXploit eXterminate (4X)

Wired: eXplore eXpand eXchange eXperience (4X)

I've had two new |s today.

One is a mix of an idea by Nuhn and an old project of mine; essentially an open world exploration MMO, but each player has their own region that they control and can build in and landscape[verb] (a la animal crossing?). The regions can change/choose who their neighbours are, so I'm not sure how a world map would work.

The other idea is... Gone, dammit. Remembering the first idea made me forget the latest one.

: a turn based multiplayer browser game where each player get one (unordered) turn per round, and a new round starts as soon as all players have used their turn.

Bonus: option of planning future moves, that are executed as soon as a round starts. This could potentially lead to multiple rounds passing in a few minutes, because the "last" player is active.

Bonus: a timeout (e.g. 24h) that plays some default action in games where the group is larger than "a couple of friends"

I want a game like SuperAutoPets where:
* I get to make cool combos of cute characters' abilities
* I don't feel like I'm loosing or loosing slightly later - give me a highscore instead or something
* Something something ecology
* Something something low-violence

: a fleet of electrical cars and smaller vehicles collectively owned by a community, and shared by "reserving" a vehicle being available in a certain place by a certain time, and only allowing spontaneous use if one agrees to bring back the vehicle to the spot before that time.

Bonus: a system of night-drivers that each night move a minimum of vehicles to reserved spots to make them available in the morning.

a capability based access system for stuff on my website.

I could build a simple system for giving pages or sections restricted access through capabilities.
A section would get an access tag, and any visitor to the site would need a capability token associated with that access tag. The indirectness is to easier add or revoke cap-tokens and easier sort sections in groups with tags.
A cap-token could be saved in localStorage on use, to maintain access on next visit.

: A group of goblin bards playing heavy folk.

I imagine it in the context of (nordic) LARP, where 3-5 goblins and/or orcs form a tiny orchestra and perform music with:
* rough vocals, singing skill not required
* Too Many™ drums
** ideally played with clubs that double as LARP weapons if possible ("hand over weapons? no weapons, only drumsticks!")
* Folk (inspired) melodies
* High speed, jolly/jaunty rhythms
* instruments with too few strings (e.g. 1 string bass, 2 string guitar)

concept of federated cooperation on instance allow/block lists 

I'm writing in note-form because it's mostly for myself, but I'm open to discussion or elaboration.

Each participating instance maintains two lists:
* explicit allow list
* explicit block list

Each list is optionally public, allow-list-only, or more restricted

When an instance meets an unknown instance, the admins are shown which "allies" block or allow it, and can choose to "allow", "block" or "do nothing"

: a linux-based OS that isn't centered around a command line package manager might be a way to actually achieve non-techbro-friendly quality and accessibility, without proprietary software.

I don't care about philosophical software freedoms and configurability. I care about anti-capitalism and usability.

Not every computer needs to have a compiler installed.

Fantasy world where magic is music 

: A fantasy world where the only magic is music.

Magic is mostly long rituals of multiples of instrument voices in long arrangements.

Someone discovered that playing a ritual arrangement faster doesn't change the effect as long as you do it correct.

Someone else discovered that magical artifacts can be crafted to amplify the effect of magic, although the sound is slightly distorted.

Eventually all wars are fought through power metal.

Software financing model where the project has a pre-defined budget for dev-wages and other expenses (hosting, etc.) and the price is split between everyone contributing.

There's of course a max contribution* per person per month, so ten people don't end up paying wages for two people for a small app.

Everyone paying a share gets to vote on budget changes (when more or less money is asked from contributors, not on how that money is used)

* Could be personal max or not

New project idea:
A program for writing, editing, managing, and proofreading non-linear dialogue a la RPGs.

Initial idea/request by @nuhn

How cheaply could one make a -terminal device? I'm thinking something like RPi zero wireless + cheapass screen* + keyboard** + some kind of case.

(* e-ink would be amazing, but small lcds might be cheaper?)

(** possibly even a custom-designed keyboard to get the necessary functionality in less space and hardware buttons for the most common actions; back, home, select-url-field-for-typing, tab-between-links (both directions), scroll-for-reading (both directions))

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