concept of federated cooperation on instance allow/block lists 

I'm writing in note-form because it's mostly for myself, but I'm open to discussion or elaboration.

Each participating instance maintains two lists:
* explicit allow list
* explicit block list

Each list is optionally public, allow-list-only, or more restricted

When an instance meets an unknown instance, the admins are shown which "allies" block or allow it, and can choose to "allow", "block" or "do nothing"

: a linux-based OS that isn't centered around a command line package manager might be a way to actually achieve non-techbro-friendly quality and accessibility, without proprietary software.

I don't care about philosophical software freedoms and configurability. I care about anti-capitalism and usability.

Not every computer needs to have a compiler installed.

Fantasy world where magic is music 

: A fantasy world where the only magic is music.

Magic is mostly long rituals of multiples of instrument voices in long arrangements.

Someone discovered that playing a ritual arrangement faster doesn't change the effect as long as you do it correct.

Someone else discovered that magical artifacts can be crafted to amplify the effect of magic, although the sound is slightly distorted.

Eventually all wars are fought through power metal.

Software financing model where the project has a pre-defined budget for dev-wages and other expenses (hosting, etc.) and the price is split between everyone contributing.

There's of course a max contribution* per person per month, so ten people don't end up paying wages for two people for a small app.

Everyone paying a share gets to vote on budget changes (when more or less money is asked from contributors, not on how that money is used)

* Could be personal max or not

New project idea:
A program for writing, editing, managing, and proofreading non-linear dialogue a la RPGs.

Initial idea/request by @nuhn

How cheaply could one make a -terminal device? I'm thinking something like RPi zero wireless + cheapass screen* + keyboard** + some kind of case.

(* e-ink would be amazing, but small lcds might be cheaper?)

(** possibly even a custom-designed keyboard to get the necessary functionality in less space and hardware buttons for the most common actions; back, home, select-url-field-for-typing, tab-between-links (both directions), scroll-for-reading (both directions))

: a map of the file system that hides un-analyzed/un-loaded parts behind fog of war, and allows you to zoom in on the parts you deem relevant, while still showing the rest of the graph (however tiny) around the focused area.

bot that uses machine learning and AI to remove whiskers from blobcat emoji and post them as blobelf emoji

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Damn, I have some good ideas in my hashtag, if I may say so.

tagging this source code format opinion with because it might become relevant in the future if I build an AST-editor.

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: Digital Art Gallery. As in, physical gallery for digital art.

Wall mounted screens of differing sizes and types, each displaying a digital artwork or part of a digital artwork by the artist.

Screen types: regular LCDs, 4K monitors for those extra crisp photo(manip)s, e-ink screens of small and large sizes for monochrome artwork.

Imagine it changing featured artwork every week, or letting you book an hour with any given previous theme.

: an IDE that colored function calls with side effects a different color than function calls without side effects ("pure functions")

: a simple social "game": there's a large area of tiles.
Each player gets assigned a single home-tile when they start playing, no one else can have that home tile.
Each player can do one action per turn, which is 10 seconds long.
Each player can vote on the color of a tile.
The weight of a vote is the taxicab distance from one's home tile.
A player has complete control over their home tile.
A player can move home tile to an adjacent tile they have >50% vote weight on.

Necromancy, but the "raise skeleton" spells has to include a rudimentary AI in order to let the skellies take simple commands such as "walk over there", "stand right here", "storm the castle and kill the king", and "lift this object".

If you don't build in an AI, you have to basically do mental puppetering to move the skeleton at all.

How does this mesh with spells for summoning ghosts? Well, that's almost enough for a book plot.

: strategy game where you only have one unit; the hero unit.
There are multiple opposing hero units each representing their own side.
There are villages and towns across the map that the heroes battle to control. A town can be taken by defeating the defending hero, or any defence they've left behind. Popularity is built in a town by building or maintaining public resources. If you leave a town too long a hero can take over a village by building more popularity than you.

New : T-shirts.. with skirts added at the bottom! It's groundbreaking!

: An open continuous tournament of tetris bots.

Anyone can write a bot and upload it, and then the bot will participate in a tetris99 inspired tournament, where bots compete against each other. The bots get a ranking based on how well they place each battle.

The bots operate in a virtual timeline, where they get to do a number of "actions" per tick. Actions could be stuff like: looking at upcoming pieces, rotating, switching targets, etc.

The actions/tick ratio decreases during play.

I have finally managed to make druid do (some of) my bidding, so now I am slowly working towards making a GUI cli-replacement.

Features I dream of:
File browsing, with context for why a folder/file exists!

SQL database browsing as easy a file browsing! It's doesn't have to be complex just because there's a lot of data.

Shortcuts to commands, that put output into neat, dismiss-able and keep-around-able boxes! Some output can be left behind, but some stays relevant.

: a profile-picture changing app that not only changes the profile picture, but generates an image of the old profile picture and the new with an arrow between, like this:

[old image] → [new image]

and posts it, to let people know that the profile picture has changed.

: a multi-account client that maintains a list of words that have been used on an account, and if any word is used that haven't been used before but have been used on a different account, a confirmation dialog appears with the option of switching to posting with that other account.

That would make posting from multiple topic-focused accounts slightly easier.

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