alcohol, food / snacks 

Mead, chips, and licorice-chocolate; hello saturday!

Let's see if I can turn that into a bit of writing.

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@zatnosk @meena @ljwrites while panda eats, shoots and leaves, this whale kills, fishes and seals

@meena @ljwrites it's a whale that kills, mostly fish and seals*, I believe, but also whales.

(* Caniformes getting hunted by ungulates. Take that, wolves!)

@meena @ljwrites *points at orca / killer whale*

That's technically an ungulate. An ungulate apex predator.

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So thinking about the failure of the project brought me to ask a bigger question. What does a programming experience that does not privilege one culture overall others even look like?

by @nasser

Nazi vocabulary 

@socks I'm pretty sure they only use it as a noun. Using it as a verb in a math context is safe, I think.

I'm pretty sure the title of this book would be written with purple or gold if it dropped in an MMO.

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Was about to say "first chapter was pretty good" but when I turned the page it said "chapter three", so that's an indicator for how fast I got invested in this book.

Very excited to read more soon 😃

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@ljwrites @Stoori bare metal: hair metal without the tights and tanktops.

Can I have some epic fantasy that doesn't treat colonization and/or empire as a good thing?

@kensanata @dragnucs I've taken at least on course in logic, and can say with confidence that you don't have to click it and you shouldn't click it.

I'm about to bike home, so I can't lay out the logic right now, but it holds ;)

@reynir @asbjorn nåh? Jeg spurgte bare gratisdns, der påstod at ø ikke var tilladt.

@reynir @asbjorn jo, det ser stadig sådan ud her. Men jeg kan nå at spotte encodingen når jeg klikker linket over i browseren.

... I should have cw'd that "long" post, so it wouldn't take up so much space in my notification column.

Favorite part: The danish, german, and english pages in the pre-2008 design has different background colors.

The danish is soft pink, the german is bright yellow, and the english is harsh red.

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I'd like to belatedly celebrate that has had more or less the same website design for more than 20 years.

Wayback machine links:

Year 2000, built with tables:

Year 2008, page moves to index.html and gets a tech upgrade away from table-layout, still very recognizable:

Year 2021 / today: page looks like in 2008 with some content updates. Layout is recognizable compared to 2000-version:

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