@noelle that's not going to get ambiguous fast.....

@noelle wait, it also means it's the same word as the phrase "in medias res"?

That would imply that putting "medias re:"* in the topic line would let me skip any introduction :D :D :D

(* or whatever form "medias" turn into here. "media re"? "medium re"?)

@noelle so "re:" _is_ short for "with regard to" (through several hoop-jumps)

@Oecan @TQ I might bring her back with a prettier (and more visible) beard later :P

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Medieval bunnies, death mentions 

@GwenfarsGarden these are so good I had to grab one of them for my new profile picture!

@TQ ..and I'm still a bit confused by my own new profile picture - I really am used to and very comfortable with presenting as bearded Adora :P

@TQ That's exactly why I post this message along with the change. There are so many people who are confused by profile picture changes!

humor re: anxiety & social media 

@rune thank you :blobcatheart:

"Write an epic" is a hell of a thing to have on one's todo list.

@halcy Very unevenly, yes.

Europe is at 22.9% and North America is at 29.6% fully vaccinated.

Meanwhile, Asia is at 7.5% (including China! who are at ~15%) and Africa is at 0.9% according to these numbers.

@dumpsterqueer so when is GtS ready to write some documentation for? :P

I need to get myself some lunch, and then I need to ban myself from social media and focus on work.

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Jeg glæder mig til den dag jeg ser nogen jeg ikke følger / der ikke følger mig poste i her på fødiverset.

Det bliver feee.

humor re: anxiety & social media 

Repeatedly replying to posts of the same few people:

What it should feel like: I'm hanging out with these nice and cool people, and we're having conversations.

What Anxiety tells me I'm doing: You're stalking, harassing, reply-guying, hogging their timeline/notification space, shoving myself in their faces, etc.

Just.. shut up, Anxiety. I don't need you!

@dumpsterqueer I'd help you but, "Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at wss://manowar.social/api/v1/streaming/?stream=user." is continuously popping up in my console.

@socks to be fair, it's not only that words (might) have other genders, it's also a different set of genders.

@katnjiapus Ikke rigtigt. Men jeg ved ikke hvor meget det er fordi humør/stemning betyder noget mere specifikt end "mood", og hvor meget det er at tumblr bare ikke snakker dansk.

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