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I think I'll try to collect any blog posts I find with insight and clues to good programming with the hashtag

This is the first such collected blog post: jwilm.io/blog/from-str-to-cow/

@w84death wow, that marquee is distractingly hard to read / focus on.
Is that because it's a gifv or..?

Browsers should be modular Show more

Browsers should be modular Show more

Browsers should be modular Show more

Browsers should be modular Show more

@ckeen if they're rendering everything on the canvas, the links aren't easily clickable anyway!

And their reason for using canvas instead of DOM: Speed.
DOM is too slow to run a terminal emulator in, AKA Electron is too slow to run a terminal emulator in.

@ckeen I think it's kinda funny that they've moved away from using the DOM to a canvas based rendering method.

Canvas is just a 2D bitmap that you write to each frame. == a framebuffer.

It could probably be optimised from an electron app to a node.js app, and avoid most of the browser engine.

@sikkdays audio equipment setups are like gases:

Gases expand to fill any container.

Audio setups expand to include any equipment available.

@paulfree14 @bob We like to call it: pick your battles.
There are many many organizations raising awareness about privacy issues (and we are fan of them). We feel there are not enough that talk about ewaste and labor issues in the electronics industry.

Hello tooters!
Did you know...I am super cute and LOVE creating punk fashion?
I have sew, patched, painted, altered all these clothes myself.
It is a beautiful way I show myself self love and unwind after drawing all day ❤️
#punkgirl #punkrock #altfashion #punk #fashion #sewing #painting #leather #selfcare #love #selfie #fuckshitup

abolish typing indicators and read receipts

boost if you agree to boost

fav if you agree to boost but can not bring yourself to commit to it right this very moment

fav then boost if you need a moment to gather yourself before taking the plunge

boost then fav if you are a speedrunner, and thus utterly unafraid of sequence breaking

I guess its time for my #introduction ! I'm Zana, bi, 20 and part of the #kurdish diaspora in Germany :) I'm very interested in Kurdish politics, eager to learn more and trying to get better at #art ! I have also recently started to draw more kurdish woman and tails.. let's see where this journey takes me ^^ mastodon.social/media/Z8qSb9R8 mastodon.social/media/6an7gIPR

@arturovm the tiny viking is locked in a fierce and painful battle with tiny viking teeth, trying to escape the confines of tiny vikings gums.


Brain-melting realization that this means that writing decent documentation, tutorials and FAQs is totally Cyberpunk behavior.