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People need to know if you use Windows 10 you don't need to use stuff like putty anymore you can just use ssh in the cmd pour powershell like on Linux

@Siphonay does it work without installing Linux Subsystem now?

@tom @zatnosk (replying from here because pixelfed doesn't show or allow replies more than 2-levels deep, apparently.)

It was mostly in jest :) In any case, people using that picture in such a way is waaaaaaay down on my "things I should be worried about"-list. Just below "will it rain on my birthday next year?" I think.

@Maltimore @Anke it seems like most of it works okay. It can't handle the custom emoji in my display name, though.

(Warning: it's a picture of my feet below water on the beach.)

@dansup why does pixelfed add an extra @ when I reply to a comment from Mastodon?

And why can't I reply to my own reply to a comment? I'm not allowed to have conversations in the comments? :(

Cc @dansup

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This is a bad photo of my feet. I'm using it to test federation. Can I mention a mastodon account here?
Can I mention a pixelfed account here?

Also, the filter probably isn't going to federate is it?

@zatnosk Oh hey, I can mention people in the image description and get a notification in mastodon.

@Anke not sure. I think some of it works, but I don't know.

I'm continually seeing frustrated people on Instagram, but I still can't in good conscience recommend .

I hope matures enough at some point to be a drop in replacement.

And that there'll be a good app to use with it.

@charlag nice tech! I'm a bit disappointed that the author of the article fails at describing common photosynthesis. They write it's splitting water, but the natural process in plants split CO2, not water.
And this error is a bit silly since the new breakthrough here is exactly that they can now split water based on dormant genes.

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i'm here, i'm queer, i'm tired of US people thinking their experiences are representative of the entire world

It's 20ºC and 20:00 - time for ice cream and ice tea!

(That's 68ºF and 8:00 PM for y'all americans)

@jaywink It's obviously something that should be optional, but if deployment and management is made extra easy and hassle-free for one favored setup, it might push most sysadmins to host it like that.
Either way, it'd lower the bar for selfhosting - even if just a tiny bit.

A fediverse server with builtin support for automatically managing a LetsEncrypt certificate. Now that would be something!

I just got a mail reminding me to renew my LetsEncrypt certificate for Manowar.Social. Because I still haven't automated it yet, after more than two years.

The most likely outcome is that my server probably goes down due to expired certificate approximately three weeks from now....

I'm not sure I'm fit to be a server admin. (Or I'm not taking it seriously when it only impacts myself, is more likely)

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