Tfw when you'd rather be writing a PHP parser and static analysis tool than write PHP code itself.

@ben assuming gender distribution is linear and not e.g. a normal distribution.

Or multiple combined normal distributions. Fuck.

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"Non-binary person who is subject to the male gaze" is a damn good string of words that we should all get more used to using when talking about non-binary folk under patriarchy.

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@ben Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

This is making me so frustrated in my grammar-mind that I'm almost verbally linking to your blog!

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@Alexis @Anke but the real question is, is it single payer too?

(If not, viva la revoluti贸n)

@Anke thanks. I managed to get my bag back, despite the grumpy lady at the desk sternly telling me it was against the rules to contact train staff to fetch a bag like this.

I'm ok my way back to my office now, and it looks like it'll be around two and a half hours of wasted time because I forgot my bag. (Plus paying for the trip to Aarhus and back. Ugh)

@ben yeah, it's a strange resolution the graph is jumping at. It looks like it jumps to 1.2 later, so there's apparently something special about .2 (or .25?)

@ben i guess 20% of your videos get a single view within 9 hours?

@ctrlaltdog please don't involve any animals in snuff. Including humans.

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