@InspectorCaracal I'd love to write more, but it's way past my bedtime. Maybe tomorrow :)

@InspectorCaracal kinda? But mostly I just want to be able to present differently based on the context of who's looking.

@InspectorCaracal it's less a matter of what information I want to separate, and what I'd like to present first.

If it's my techy profile, I might lead with what languages and systems I use, if it's my family/friends profile, I might mention my fiancee and kid. Etc.

Also, with the addition of groups in a system like that, I could have a profile visible to people in a specific group, e.g. a political org, describing what I do / can contribute with, or my position or something.

Watching the Game of Thrones finale kinda rekindled my desire to write fantasy fiction of my own.

But ugh, I really don't have time for it!!

@halcy @lynnesbian this is very hard to read with transparent backgrounds :(

@theoutrider Apparently: sass-lang.com/dart-sass

They switched from Ruby to Dart at some point, and end-of-lifed the Ruby version in march this year.

@inmysocks yeah. Get any interaction on a post that's supposed to be expired? Flag it, so a moderator can deal with it.

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@clacke Pixelfed doesn't do it yet. And it'd only be special story-posts as I understand it, not any post you'd want.

And the scripts can only do deletes, which gives a different behavior in both practice and semantics. E.g. there's no "storing old temporary posts and making one permanent after expiry".

Imagine having the option to make any of your posts expire after 24 hours, so that any other (complying) server would hide and delete the post after that.

It should probably still be saved for a while on your home server, so you'd be able to save the good posts. And also, so that moderators can do their thing.

@Exagone313 I'm not asking for p2p hosted websites. I want personal, private social networking sharded on servers I trust. And I want good user interfaces, so I can ask my family to use it with good conscience.

And I especially don't want anything even touching Bitcoin. Cryptovaluta is a plague that rots anything it touches, it scales like shit, and it is fundamentally opposed to privacy.

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I want a where I can have:

* My identity and content stored on multiple servers in parallel.
* Optional channels, so people can choose which parts of my content they want to follow along with.
* Multiple profiles for the same identity, unrelated to channels.

In addition, both channels and profiles must have granular privacy options. Just the existence of a channel or profile is private information that I want to control who's allowed to see.

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❌ No gods
❌ No masters
✔️ Two wolves

It is claimed Ernest Hemingway once wrote a six-word short story that could make people cry for a bet. The wager was ten dollars, which Hemingway won with the following: Show more

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linux developers should more carefully plan for the user-story of "I am just a regular fucking person trying to do some fucking work with my fucking computer without paying hundreds of dollars and dealing with bullshit. you understand i'm here for less bullshit, right. that's very important."

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When writing Rust code, remember the most important rule:


Or just remember the mnemonic;

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Encrypted Server Name Indication for TLS 1.3 sounds like a very good idea.


@theoutrider Wang is an old-english word for meadow or something. Like the danish word Vang.

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