@suetanvil @ajroach42 he's only claimed partial federation works. Which is true, since you can follow pixelfed accounts from mastodon. It just doesn't work the other way yet.

@ajroach42 that said, it work decently for intra-instance sharing, the mobile webview is not bad, and it's possible for the rest of the fediverse to follow, like and subscribe (as they say on youtube), but there's no way to follow non-local accounts from pixelfed yet.

@ajroach42 almost. I think full federation will be working in the next release (whenever that is), and until it does, I'd wait with the recommendations.

(Personally, I'll wait even longer, because I want it stable and possibly with a stable app as well, before going on a conversion crusade. But that's just me)

Apparently I have 94GB of cached media attachements on this here mastodon server. I should probably purge some of that.

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@mcpaccard @sikkdays @kai That's a very good point. I fear I might be obscuring some of the negative sides, in my attempts at speaking objectively.

To be clear about my intentions from the original post, I do not plan to contact Wheaton or any of his community in my attempts to grow the fediverse. I was only using his name to illustrate what I meant by the word influencer.

@mcpaccard @sikkdays @kai I appreciate the link, although I already was aware of most of that trouble.

But I think you might be understanding "influencer" differently than me. When I say Wheaton's an influencer, I don't mean to say that "he's right" or "he's a good person".
I'm only saying that a lot of people listen to him (which was the source of the aforementioned issue), and his opinion influences them - so he's an influencer.

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@Anke oh, yeah, I should probably have mentioned that. I have a tulip, a rose and a daffodil.

Okay, I have now drawn three pixel-flowers for , but I have no inspiration for what I should draw as the last two. (I want five in total.)

- Must look like it's a single flower on a single stem.
- Must be believable in five different colors (assuming red,blue,purple,yellow,white - possibly orange instead of one of those)
- Must be something I can plausible draw in 32x32 pixels (this is the hard part, I'm not that good at pixelart)

@cwebber this is also applicable when one have already had one kid. Do NOT assume there will be a second. We've had this happen to us by medical professionals, and it was not comfortable.

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Don't ask people "when are you having kids". Especially not women, who suffer this question a lot. ("Are you having kids" is a more okay question *if you know the person well*, but only sometimes.)

They might be, they might not be, and yes they've probably thought about it, and no, it's none of your business.

@aral @sikkdays @kai ooh, that's a pretty important typo :P
I don't think "being an influencer" and hierarchy is theoretically inseperable, but in our current society, there's a pretty short way from being and influencer to exerting power and thus creating or reinforcing hierarchy. Especially because most influencers work inside an already hierarchical infrastructure, which makes it impossible to escape the hierarchy.

But I _can_ imagine influencers being a thing in a healthy anarchist society.

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@kai aah, right. Then it's a matter of (in this case) improving pixelfed enough, before trying to move people.

Personally, I think a good direction for discovery is building explicit groups in the fediverse, and making those discoverable.
Do you have a preferred aproach?

@kai oh sure, definitely not mutually exclusive. I think I just assumed you misunderstood what I was talking about initially, since I'm not focused on improving discovery currently. But we agree that discovery is an important thing for the health of a network.

@sikkdays @kai and I don't know if he likes the term, but I also consider @aral an influencer, in that he has a following around ethical software based on his strong opinions and untiring advocacy.

@sikkdays @kai influencers don't necessarily have to work for others, although some do with their ethics intact.
"Influencer" to me, is simply anyone with a large following related to one or more topics, that they talk about.

E.g. Wil Wheaton is an influencer in that he talks a lot about board games, and (with his wife) also humane treatment animals.

Or a young woman I follow who do witchy, goth and alternative fashion, and crafts and sells accessories.

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