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@nigeldgreen Oh, and looking at the github of the app (because they apparently stopped working on it and released the code last year):
"Nylas Mail is an open-source mail client built on the modern web with Electron, React, and Flux."

It's going to slow-boil your processor if you have that running and fetching mail in the background.

@nigeldgreen looks like a clone of Apple's mail.app with added surveillance capitalism.

"Activity tracking is built into Nylas Mail so you get notified as soon as contacts read your messages"
Calling home, much?

Full disclosure: I don't know the app from anything other than their website.

@Mainebot @dzuk this thread makes me want to build an ethical alternative, but other than a clear set of values and an openness to inputs and reports, I can't do it much differently than a list on a website.

On one hand, I have the decentweb.eu domain that I'm willing to use for it.

On the other hand I don't have time to run a project like that :/

what does ur home screen look like??

It’s been a month so I’m bringing this thread back instance.business/media/e8noht

@chosafine dis my screen. Yes, I have both F-Droid and Instagram, I'm a confused person.


If anyone feels inspired by this idea, please run with it and do whatever! Create new media! Break the system!

@emaree yes, exactly!
I just need to
A) learn to write adequate scifi
B) learn to compose compelling metal
C) actually do the thing

I have hobby level writing skills at best, and while I can play two instruments, I have next to no experience in writing actual music.

that I won't have the resources to do for at least 10 years:

A science fiction audiobook slash metal music piece. At least half the book is various forms of metal music, that emphasizes the events, mood and themes at that point. The "lyrics" to the music is a continuous part of the novel, with no repeating phrases or choruses, other than what would be appropriate in a regular novel.

@blackle @tom @jk make a wiki to explain the jargon, and print the link in the preface of the book.

let it be empty, until the fans sort it out themselves.

@tomharris have you unpinned your home timeline or your notifications?

@tomharris I'm pretty sure it's not a danish mountain. So there's that.

@jk is the file a linux installation .iso?

@halcy Oooh, that's pretty cool! (And yes, the english was easier for me, but I got the gist :P )

I had to look up what an "EMG amplifier" is to ask that question.

This wiki article helped me: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bioampli

@halcy are you going to teach the computer kung fu by letting it read your muscle movements?

@halcy would computers inside your em isolated cabin survive an EMP?

@body blankets, soft chairs, black tea, and unlit candles. No lamps. The room is dark.

@kai drum solos? tacky?

Any rock or metal concert is better with a drum solo!

I once saw a Deep Purple concert where everyone - including the drummer and the vocalist - had a solo at some point.