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@Rheall I voted bear-ee, even though I might flip my pronunciation based on what people around me say.
Also, linguistic history: english as a second language, slightly influenced by my father's english after he grew up in British Columbia, Canada with english as a technically second language.

Is me using the hashtag ableist?

If so, I have a lot of work to do :/

, and this one is crazier than usual: A computer vision program that analyzes minecraft videos on youtube and creates technical drawings of whatever they're building.

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@ajroach42 so no privacy or access controls?

That'd make it next to useless for me.

@mntmn awesome! I'm asking because danish/scandinavian layout is a literal deal-breaker for me. It's the reason I currently have a Lenovo Thinkpad instead of a PineBook or Librem.

@mntmn looks really good!
Will there be alternate keyboard layouts in the future? E.g. scandinavian?

@neauoire what is Paradise OS? Searching doesn't give me much.

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@Ayior I think they mean it. There's plenty of politeness available without asking to keep your portfolio :)

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@DC7IA in Denmark we can still have Generation Γ†, Generation Ø and Generation Γ….

@maloki I made a tool that lists all my mutuals at some point, but there's two things missing:

I don't think it's online right now - and I'm going to bed.

It can't (currently) give you a file you can import to mastodon. Although that could be easily fixed.

At the earliest, I might be able to remedy both of those ~15 hours from now.

(This is an external client-side tool, though. I can't add it to florence, but no data touches my server)

@ifixcoinops I like your suggestion of buying arcade machines for ones own home, but as a parent with a toddler,

"Lethal voltages even when they're turned off" is not something I want to have in my home.

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@Shutsumon so your people refer to themselves and each other as "thinkers".

:blobthinkingcool: makes you think

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