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Spørgsmål til dansk-talere:

Hvordan ville i oversætte "mood" as the zoomer sentence / shorthand reply?

[..... fuck, jeg glemte at jeg var ved at skrive på dansk midt i den sætning, gjorde jeg ikke?]

1) Girlfriend walk into bathroom to apply makeup

2) Synth intro music starts playing from a phone speaker

3) ???

4) Hard Rock Hallelujah 🤘

(cc @nuhn )

@dzuk In Denmark we have "Rejsekortet" as a national Oyster Card-like solution, and it works with everything from local buses to cross-country trains. It's pretty nice, until you (read: I) forget to checkout at end of trip three times and get banned for a year.


@socks hvornår har du sidst spist noget med en grøn farve?

@socks @Nine but honestly, my first reaction was looking up the phrase, because I didn't recognize the meme.

@socks @Nine (sorry, that was a poor attempt at playing to the meme :P - the "What" post, that is )

@owl I propose a new english word "flore". Like more, bus countable.

@SunDancer @nuhn our house is built to keep heat in.

Keeping heat out? That's unknown to danish architects of the previous century.

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Medieval bunnies, death mentions 

This is rather amusing...

Medieval killer rabbits: when bunnies strike back

#History #MedievalHistory

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She poured love into her fish. She sat beside the tank and admired their scales, and confided in them the wins and woes of her day.

They were patient listeners, wide-eyed with interest.

They couldn't speak back, but they found other ways.

A glittering gem spat from a round mouth. Plants woven into shapes that filled her with peace. Bubbles that burst with the force of wishes granted.

They lived longs lives, the fish and the girl both, as witches and familiars do.

#microfiction #TootFic

@kurt but you can never say 'compatible with Windows 7-11' because no software is compatible with Windows 9.

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Nice little illustration of what it means to say “patriarchy is structural” in this Twitter thread. (It’s about getting a drunk teenage girl home safely. No threats; nothing bad happens):

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