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I know probably should be posting this on the FP forum instead, but.. eh..

(cc @Fairphone )

Are there any knowledge around here?

My screen have been acting up for quite a while now. At first it was just the left-most centimeter of the screen that didn't react to touch, now there's a centimeter wide column in the middle that also doesn't react to touch.

I'm pretty sure it's a hardware thing, but I'm not sure whether it's isolated to the screen?
Maybe it's the connector or something in the core module?

Anyway, my options are A) buying a screen or B) buy a new phone.

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hey everyone i created an abomination
it's like php for the modern age
cw heavy use of the word "fuck"

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In conclusion: Staying alive is solarpunk as fuck.

So stay punk as fuck, and solar to the molar*!

(* Possibly dorky parallel to "armed to the teeth", but fewer weapons and more greens)

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Protip*: tale your shorts off before putting on your pants.

(* Yes, I wear pants professionally)

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if your main character is a rich heterosexual man and the only woman in the story a romantic interest it's actually called steam-ingpileoshit

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I really hope this instance grows big (500+?), because I really want to see a lot more people talk about solarpunk and solarpunk-adjacent ideas.

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The thing I love about Fully Automated Luxury Queer Space Communism is every time you say/toot/think it, every injection of it into the noosphere shifts the Overton Window to the left and decreases the Martian Muskland colony's likelihood of being just a transpanetary billionaire's Silicon Valley exurb with airlocks.

It's like the verbal equivalent of Grimes.

Look at my garden, my garden's amazing!

(Give it a lick, it tastes just like raisins)

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Ooooh, I found the pixel art brushes! Never mind all my bickering, @Krita is forgiven :red_heart:

Aaargh! @Krita is definitely not designed for pixel art. At least not in the default brushes it presents right after installing.
(Just the concept of brushes should indicate that it doesn't focus on pixel art :/ )

@InspectorCaracal Can I ask what software you use to do your pixelart?
I'm on Windows, and I'd use paint if it did transparent backgrounds.
Krita is too painterly, and GIMP is way too bloated for this.

I've had a bit of trouble with Krita on my mac, but that might be because it's a tiny thing from 2011.
Now I'll give Krita another chance on my windows laptop, and hopefully it'll let me produce some pixel art without too much pain.

Wait, do my posts even federate to :psyduck:

Aaaaaaaa :psyduck:
I'm missing crucial pokémon in my emoji-collection! :abra:
Donphan users (and others), please spam me with your favorite pokémon, so I can import them to my instance!
Thank you! :charmander:

aaaaand, Mastodon kills my point by converting everything that might look like an emoji to emoji-shortcodes and images -.-

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