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I'm thinking about writing some stories for Christmas and sell them on my website (I will make a new one). I want them to be like an advent calender. Not anything expensive, just to try sell something, I haven't really done that before.

I'm thinking something Christmassy, maybe romance or a crossover or something.

What do you think? I'm really unsure on the whole taking money for my stuff-thing =/.

Has @nuhn ever told you about that time she played a goblim shaman named Nope* at a LARP?

I wasn't there, which was probably a good thing. Very few characters (if any) survived that week.

(* the actual name was Niks (or Nix (I've only heard this story orally)), which is basically the danish word for "nope")

TIL: Both C++ and C# was (lead-)designed by danes; Bjarne Stroustrup and Anders Hejlsberg, respectively.

Also, Unity (written in C++ and C#) is made by a (initially) danish company.

Why isn't the -ci-, -si-, and -ti- of all those -sion, -cion, -tion suffixes the same letter? Can we just have one letter for that sound, please?

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When the css-tricks site goes down, we all realise how much we rely on it. Chris and his team write the best, most thorough and reliable, stuff. I go back to the almanac on selectors *constantly.* Also loving the beginners series to recommend to newbies.

If the earth was flat, there wouldn't be any horizon. The distance you'd be able to see things at would only be limited by the scattering of light in the atmosphere (and by perspective, but imagine we're looking at a distant mountain).

That'd be pretty amazing, wouldn't it. How far away would something have to be to fade all the way to clear blue sky?

Eating popcorn and doing the dishes. Aah, it must be tuesday.

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Happy Tuesday, my lovelies.

Think about what you want to day and what you can do to get you closer to it, no matter how small it may seem.

It adds up. Trust.

It's kinda mindblowing that in order to record a drummers performance for an album, there are more microphones than drums.

That's a lot of expensive gear!!

Guitarist can just plug directly into the computer (or if they're fancy, point a single microphone at an amp).

: Equilibrium - Blut im Auge

This one is dedicated to all the german(-speaking) metalheads who follow me. \m/

I should probably start migrating away from if I don't want to pay for another year of the domain - deadline is in december.

On the other hand, giving it a year more gives me time to migrate nicely and not just take the instance offline from day to day.

: Manowar - Warriors of the World United

If I ever get to see Manowar live I can swear to any gods that'll listen that I'm going to wear my professional grade formfitted ear plugs.

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Why isn't "someone requested to follow you" and "someone accepted your follow request" notifications?

Are there any good reasons, or is it just arbitrarily like that (presumably because follow-request was added "late" in the process)?

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@InspectorCaracal oh hi, you're up! Are you enjoying halloween so far? 😁👻🍍

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