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tired: voting
wired: direct action
inspired: building parallel community support structures independent of the state and capital

I love the smell of a new mastodon account in the morning!

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I've just supported the Permanent European Union Citizenship initiative. Please do the same and spread the word!

$tired = self::static_function();
$wired = elf::static_function();

Aaaaand we're back online.

And when I say we, I mean me.

And when I say back online, I mean my mastodon server is running again.

And when I say aaaaand, I mean I don't know how to start this toot, and I don't know how to end it either, let's find out

send toot

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What's the shortest string of letters that's available in front of the cheapest TLD?

tired: Computer Science
wired: Datalogy
inspired: Witchcraft

I just managed to win Herbal Spice Problem twice in a row. I feel like a master tea brewer now.

Link to game:

@kaniini is there somewhere I can read the current status of (or the spec, if it's published in any form?)

I've only followed along cursory, and I'd like to have a better understanding of it - and neither duckduckgo or google gives me anything of value.

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Do I know anyone who can do typography who could do an illustrated quote for a slide for me? For monies of course. Reply or DM 💖

So naturally I chose both! And combine that with the latin we had to learn in (our equivalent of) highschool, and that my beloved chose a different fourth language than I did;

Collectively we have varying degrees of knowledge of six languages in our home.

How can you have fewer languages than people in a house?

(And don't even get me started on programming languages)

I find it very hard to imagine how it is to be monolingual.
The first time I had a choice about which languages I wanted to learn, I had to choose between more of my third language or a new fourth language.

I still need a totodile emoji. Does anyone have a totodile emoji?

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Every time I see someone talking on the phone on the train, I wonder how they'll react when we reach that deadspot five minutes south of town, and the phone call inevitably disconnects.

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I got in! I got a seat at the game script course! Yay! :D

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