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TIL: I don't have three consonants in my first name. I have two consonants and a semivowel.

To make up for it, I have five consonants in a row in my last name. None of them are silent.

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We're making changes to the #Inkscape command line. To be sure we accommodate as many use cases as we can, we need your help! Please post examples and descriptions of how you use the :inkscape: command line here:

(Please also Boost for reach, thanks! 💕 )

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My art challenge for December is Fatvent Calendar, a body-positive drawing-a-day event focusing on human bodies with a bit of meat on them. I will draw one fat person a day, living or dead, famous or obscure, real or fictional, but always gorgeous and respected.
If you are or have been fat, are unapologetic about this and are willing to share a photo for me to draw from, please respond here and I will add you to the queue.
More info here:

Sometimes I fetch toots* to my instance, just to copy the emojos.

(*toots that I come across on one of my alts, thus they haven't (necessarily) federated to this instance)

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Dansup and the Blort:

Blort: Good morning @dansup ! What are you going to do today?

Dansup: The same thing I do every day, Blort! Try to federate #Pixelfed over the world!

Blort: Narf!

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There needs to be a tabletop RPG called "Lawyers & Litigation" so wannabe Lionel Hutzes and pseudolaw scholars can get it out of their system without hurting anyone in the real world (and so D&D rules lawyers can have something to really sink their teeth into)

The rulebook is a thousand pages long and the entire game is arguing about the rules of the game

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"Computing" would take care of the business logic of today's applications, and a computing module would make a list of actions available to the system, that would handle data/files/databases.
This is somewhat related to unix's CLI utilities, but with typed commands (actions) meant for other software rather than text commands meant for people.

"Interface" would be generic widgets or specialized apps that use the actions of computing modules to help people achieve their tasks.

: an operating system that separates interface, computing and data into three different domains (Kinda like a Model-View-Controller framework, but as an operating system).

Data would be a familiar filesystem, possibly with databases added as first class citizens (i.e. a database would have a location in the filesystem and a basic query interface with optional advanced interface).


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*puts a followbot's head on a spike, as a warning to other followbots*

Finally got on my today. Compared to android 6, it generally feels snappier and the UI feels fresher and "improved" even though it's mostly a few parts shuffled around and a few details added here and there.

Thumbs up from me 👍

(Ps, still on native blob emoji, so that's good)

Item 1: "Per" is a scandinavian male name.

Item 2: *sona

Persona: what you would look like if your name was Per.

Today, a toot of mine went wooly.

Today was a good day.

Our local library has a pretty good black friday offer:

(translated from danish:)
"Borrow two books for the price of one
Twice as free"

> New File
> Save As: texture_compiler.html

Fuck yes, I'm gonna write a compiler in HTML!

I'm an artist, and my canvas is <canvas>!

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As a Native American I'm still here. I am strong. I'm not a mythological fairy tale character. I will speak/write my native language when my ancestors were forbidden. I will not be stopped. I'm a descendant of survivors from the largest genocide in the world. I'm a generational curse breaker. I refuse 2 be white washed. I refuse 2 celebrate Thanksgiving, 4th of July, or Columbus Day. I refuse 2 be apart of organized religion. I will 4ever defend tribal sovereignty, treaties, & natural resources.

Damnit, tusky doesn't respect the filters. Maybe if I set them to drop toots?

(Go away stupid american holiday of colonialism)

Ugh. It seems I have to draw more tiles. My current method of making the paving tiles change base-color (grass or dirt "background") based on the surrounding tiles, lead to stack explosions (actually " too much recursion" errors, but that doesn't sound as cool. Tail call optimizations would have fixed that issue, although it would probably just shift it to an endless loop instead).

I should probably just write a program to draw the tiles from composable parts for me.

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