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✨ Chapter 6 is complete! ✨

Vainglorious is now going on a between-chapter-break so now's the perfect time to catch up and share this comic with a friend!

♛ See today's update here!

#webcomics #comics #vaincomic #update #hiveworks

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I love to work on cut scenes! Especially when they contain animations and sound effects and hidden entrances :D
#gamedev #RPGmaker #TheCursedOne

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in minecraft, fish are soluble and every inch of water is saturated with them, which is why you can catch fish anywhere. as of 1.13 the population has increased so much they've started precipitating into solid fish

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Interestingly, "war is never done" is both the problem with - and the solution to - war.

now to wait for posts from the last day to trickle back in in semi-random order and really fuck my timeline up.

Certificate is fixed and ubuntu is installed on the new machine (that wouldn't boot Pop!_OS)

* get new computer
* install linux with a fancy gui
* restart to finish installation
* can't boot, nothing works

Ffs. I don't have time for this shit!

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Nightwish - Planet Hell

Listening to Nightwish's Once album from end to end. Spotted "Higher Than Hope" at the end, and now I want to listen to their cover of Pink Floyd's High Hopes, which they released on their compilation album "Highest Hopes".

(That's a lot of hope)

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Welcome to the new We Distribute!

The project officially moves into a new phase, broadcast on the fediverse itself.


&mut and <'a> and &'a mut is spreading through my code like a plague.

I'm obviously doing something very wrong.

Pokémon Whipped Cream / Pokémon Squirty Cream

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