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I get less conservative the older I get

every person has the potential to be beautiful in their own way and while I may not understand all of it, if they're doing their best to not hurt anyone, and they're giving it their all, and it gives them joy, then it is Good

@zatnosk It will be stored as a DM in the backend, and when DMs UI is finished they will appear there.

Why is it that linux software sucks at doing scaling to be usable on 4K screens? </rhetorical-question>

Hey, wanna help get #Florence off the ground but can't really give time to the project right now?

Right now a star on Github would go a long way!

As we're looking to reach 100 stars before we set up our Open Collective for crowdfunding.

So it seems that the crossover between 1. people willing to contribute to/share a sustainability wiki and 2. people who object to Google is HUGE.

Which means if I stay on Google Sites I will never reach all the potential contributors. So I'm searching for an ethical wiki host. Someone suggested Wikia but it looks like it's just for fandom stuff?

There's also Wikidot but I know nothing about it.

I'm worried about putting the work in, building up the wiki again on a new platform and then discovering people have a problem with that one too. It's bad enough having to up sticks and lose everything ONCE...

fedi meta + 

We definitely need to unionize programmers. The number of misplaced electrons in programming is simply too high.

Did you hear about that film coming out that's all about two altruistic morays enriching their friendship?

They say it's the eel-good movie of the summer!

Hey everyone, #Florence is looking for some people to look over our current CoC draft, and to make our "living document" into something usable.

If you'd like to contribute in such a way (this is a very good non-coder task), reach out to us here, or on our chat if you've joined there!

3-5 new eyes on these documents would be great!

LB: This is why I have my pronouns in the profile for all of my alts.
(At least the active ones, might be unused accounts somewhere without)

Having pronouns in your bio is important to normalise the practise, not just gor trans people but everybody. If only trans people do it, then it becomes a marker of who is trans, if you all do it then it's just a standard thing. I know it can be annoying to be asked over and over yo do it, but it is important

If you aren't already following @jalcine, you really should. He is taking the challenge of not only making social media more accessible but human centric.

That's really important work you should support.

Pronouns are just more useful than gender identity with regards to putting stuff in one's bio

So I finally got around to benchmarking cacache, and the results are in! The Rust version is literally *an order of magnitude* faster, for the same work.

18 *microseconds* per read, on the Rust side. That's also as fast as the *memoized* version on the Node side.

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Like don't get me wrong - let's PLEASE make solutions to shake us free from companies that aim to monetize us.

But let's do it in our OWN image and not copying (poorly) what they do

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that said, I already have a friend who's a drummer/guitarist/singer who wants to play with me.
And even if he isn't the most talented musician I've played with, why oh why am I longing for more when I'm struggling to find time for that project?

(Hint: Probably because I want to make symphonic/power metal and he's more into making singer/songwriter-rock)

(On the other hand: I can play keys+bass and he can play guitar+drums - what more do we need?)

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a snake in my boot sector's choices:

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