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So you're saying American programmers never use Alt-Gr to type the characters they need to write software?

Let's call Alt-Gr symbols the "third layer" of a keyboard layout.
Here are some symbols that are in the first layer of US keyboards and in the third layer of DK keyboards:

\ [ ]

Here are some symbols that are in second layer of US keyboards and in the third layer of DK keyboards:

{ } | ~ $ @

Those aren't important, right?

"Transcription" of the button:
´ \ ´
| ´

These are the symbols I can type with it:

tap+space: '
tap+tap: ´
shift+tap+space: `
shift+tap+tap: ` (same as previous)
alt(gr)+tap: |
alt-shift-tap: ¦

@Tusky ... I just encountered a VERY unfortunate bug.

The poll shown was attached to a toot above, and I have neither boosted nor liked these posts. There was a whole bunch of these, I'd guess about a page of toots.

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Anyways, come talk to me about my new OC, Goth Lady, a trans lady “villain” who uses demon magic and witchcraft to supplement her natural telepathic gifts.

She and her friends/family/lovers battle against Tough Man, a bald metaphor for patriarchy and capitalism.

#GothLady, Cyrene to her contemporaries, is sexy and aesthetic af and knows how to show a lady a good time UwU 🦹🏻‍♀️🧙🏻‍♀️😈

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That’s all I’ve got for Goth Lady right now, thx for reading.

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Scenario: Big Tough Man Hero fighting his nemesis, Goth Lady Villain.

Tough Man can’t figure out how Goth Lady knows private details about him or why she bears a striking resemblance to his former sidekick, Emo Lad, who disappeared years ago under mysterious circumstances.

Is she mocking him? Did she kidnap and torture Emo Lad for information? Oblivious and painfully cis-het Tough Man just can’t figure it out. Is she related to Emo Lad??? They have the same laugh, the same fighting style...

2. Figure out whether Florence's CoC is finished enough to be copied over, or if I need to do some tweaking to make it fit a fediverse server.
It would at least need some tweaking in the "how to report" section, since that's not using emails, but rather the moderation system built-in to (Florence) Mastodon.

3. Sit down and install it, and then send invites to all the people who have replied positively to the first post in this thread.

Okay, so it seems there a actually quite a few people interested in early access to a Florence Mastodon instance.

Before I can set one up I need to get through three steps:

1. Choose a domain name; I'd prefer it if it was a subdomain of something I always have, so I don't have to pay for one more domain right now, but I don't feel any of my current domains fit :/
I have (among others),, - but neither of those feel right.

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Is there an app that can place a german word (of the day?) on my phone as a widget, possibly with an example sentence and/or pronounciation and/or english definition?

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enjoy this Russian meme that I think basically translates to “sight of cat, grace of potat”, every time I look at it it gets a bit funnier

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"The Nice And Accurate Prophecies Of Agnes Nutter"

Fediverse servers should keep tombstones around for posts that are upthread from a local post, to preserve conversation-structure and avoid loosing connection between two parts of a thread where posts in the middle gets deleted / goes off the web.

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✨ ✨ 👻 🧙‍♀️ 💀 ✨ ✨

I almost forgot!

BOOKS & BONE is 50% off on Smashwords for the whole of July!

Get a DRM-free epub full of necromancer town meetings and goofy zombies and a very excitable historian for less than $2.

Get your fill of villains and scholars and mad ambition.

There's a free sample as well ^_^

#fantasy #sff

a species of fantasy people that live up to ten years - humans would be like elves from their perspective.

Exercise for the reader: Extrapolate.

I'd like to read a comparison of The Hobbit and the story of Sigurd Fafnersbane... borrowed a lot from

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