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The serpent accepted the dragon's terms, and so scoured the oceans for three hundred fist sized pearls.

Pleased, the dragon sought dwarves and gnomes to tinker a greenhouse boat, and launched it within weeks, loaded with roses of all fragrances and colors... and a single confused gardener.

The serpent gasped in wonder and excitedly called for the mermaid, who was overjoyed, but returned the gardener to land quite quickly because human gardeners required almost as much care as roses do.

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u know whats hot?
thanking ur partner for saying no and saying what they want.
positive affirmations y’all


French bank just announced they will keep financing coal mining, for 10 more years.

I'm starting a series of projections about it, here on BNP Headquarters in Brussels.

There's a lot of negative stuff on my time line and people hating all sorts of things.
So here's a nice picture of a very green forest.

I should probably just listen to some death metal.

That sounds like a good plan.


Unrighteous anger fills me.

I am angry, whether or not I have the right.


hot take, ActivityPub 

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The boy ran into the forest alone. He jumped the creek and ran until the foliage was too thick. He stamped it down.

He stamped down a patch and gathered sticks. The sticks were to be propped up; he was making a den. It would be a place to hide inside. It was a place to cry alone.

A little bird heard the sobs. The little bird came near. It peeped at the den.

'Do you want to hear a story?' it said.

#microfiction #tootfic


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: Alto Aria - Breaking Apart
from the album "Tides".

I'm listening to the debut album of a previous bandmate of mine, who I just found out released this album on a brand new label that she created with the bassist that replaced me in our previous band.

That's pretty cool.

Also, the music is fascinating, abstract, ethereal, and beautiful - as all her music is at its best.

I like how PHP is slowly gaining optional safety features, such as explicit types for function arguments.

That's neat.

But also frustrating, when it borks libraries I have to use for work.

(Completely unrelatedly, does anyone know of a PDF generating library for PHP that is built to work nicely with PHP 7(.4)?)

Russell Means, Europeanization 

you don't hate javascript, you hate capitalism

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