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If the name "Jona" has any amount of gender, is it more.. ?

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Is the name "Jona" gendered from your perspective?

"Don't forget to Like and Thrope."

-- Werewolf Youtubers


model wilderness survival skills in dnd as having 'speak with [plants/animals/weather/stars/land/water]'

tired: broadcast
wired: breadocast

No it wasn't a typo! I swear!

how can you read this dialogue and NOT realize that these two are a pair of adorable nerds???? YOU CAN'T BECAUSE THEY ARE

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cleaning, metal music, alcohol, food 

don't wear identifiable clothing to actions and cover your tattoos

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Parenting, toddler language 

@monorail [bolts upright in bed] roko's basilisk is just pascal's wager for atheists

parenting, toddler being oblivious to social norms 

@vicorva Confirmed: this book rules and everyone should read it

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a snake in my boot sector's choices:

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