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Where's the strategy/civbuilding/basebuilding game where "Someone declared war against you. Game over." is a thing?

Parenting, quote without context 

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i want a city building game without capitalism in it

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from mossworm on tumblr

finally something that explains the CW effect

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✨ Fat is beautiful. Fat is round and soft and cute and smooth.

πŸ’ͺ Fat is strong. Fat is lifting and carrying and muscles and weight.

🌱 Fat is natural. Your body wants to be this size.

Fat is not ugly. Not unhealthy. Not shameful.

Don't let anyone convince you otherwise.

in the interest of transparency: four of those "no" votes are mine.

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is it cheating to vote in your own polls from a different account?

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2nd day hair hack 

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I picked up my shitty PHP parser project again, and because I want it to automatically also parse any included files, I have now footgunned myself into the corner of having to evaluate (some) expressions because I use __DIR__."/path/to/file.php" a lot.

I'm going to special case it at first, but damn it's getting ugly fast.

Can anyone tell me where the "dragons can shapeshift into humanoids" trope started?

(Curiously, in Norse myth there's humanoid(s?) being cursed into the form of a dragon (Fafnir), but no one going the other way)

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Did you know, that most twining plants, c. 92%, are right-handed? This means when they grow around a pole/bamboo cane, they twine from the bottom left to the top right. If you try and make the plant do it the other way (left-handed), it will 'right' itself.

This includes plants like climbing beans, hops and most Wisteria. I say most, because one species, W. floribunda, is left-handed. Apparently it's very rare for plants in same species to twine in opposite ways.


I'm still fascinated by the ',', character combination that appear surprisingly often in the PHP code I write at work.

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programming is exactly like playing with toy blocks. No programmer, the circle block won't fit in the square hole. Yes i do see your tower, it's very tall

Wanna hear a danish meme? 

Oh, for fucks sake.

I'm reading about the new features in PHP 8.0 and I can't wait to use them!
But never mind that PHP8 will be released in November this year - we're not even on PHP7 yet at work >.<

And I've been impatiently waiting for a few features from PHP7 for a while now... Especially the ?? and <=> operators. And now PHP8 adds a ?-> operator! It's almost too much!

(Good luck to readers not up to date, though..)

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I don't care how many qualifiers you put on it, citing the Stanford Prison Experiment in any way is the same as claiming the earth is flat. Fight me.

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