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Should I build a protocol library in or does that already exist?

And straight on to
: Korpiklaani - Ievan Polkka

I'm apparently in the silly end of my power playlist.

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I have arrived at the "hearts on fire" part of "hearts on fire" by Hammerfall.

: Hammerfall - Hearts On Fire

Are there any roguelikes where the bodies of previous runs stays there and become obstacles?

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Have anyone written a fantasy book where it's the villain that follows the hero's journey?

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Remember, you aren't failing at your job, you are successful at time theft.

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She knocked hard on the door, three times before anyone answered. A girl slightly taller than her opened the door with a slice of bread in her hand.

"Good morning. You know we have food at the caravan, right?"
The girl mumbled a non-committal reply.
"Anyway, are you ready?"
"Uhh, not yet.." the girl said as she disappeared back into the house.

Shortly after, the girl appeared fully dressed and carrying a small bag, and they walked down the street together.

#Tootfic #AmWriting [1/3]

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"But what is magic?" the girl asked.

"It's not important what magic is, you need focus on what it can do for you. Do you think I got this tall by eating a lot as a kid? No, I shaped the magic and let it shape me," the large jotun explained, "once you get the hang of it, it's as easy as breathing. It's almost like it wants to help you."

"But I'm not like you, I haven't been doing magic since I was born. It's not in my blood!" the girl protested.

The jotun sighed, "Magic isn't something that's in your blood. Magic is in your mind and enters the world from there. Once your mind find a source of magic, it will flow through you, you'll see."

The girl tried the spell one last time. But this time it didn't stay a dull line of symbols in the wood. She gasped as the runes started glowing.

#FlashFic #MicroFiction #TootFic #Writing #Fantasy #Magic

I should post the two flashfics I wrote over on @zatnosk to my website. That'd be nice. And my website is in dire need of just a bit more stuff in it.

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I just found out my keyboard layout supports making supermath*!

math: 9+3-(1+5)=6
supermath: ⁹⁺³⁻⁽¹⁺⁵⁾⁼⁶

(* Okay, superscript math, but close enough)

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DO NOT OPEN: Poll with 100 options 

what's your favourite number from 1 to 100 y'all

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Yes, all of your favourite things to complain about are related to racism. Police. Landlords. Capitalism. Billionaires. All of it.

No, talking about abolishing these things is not the same as talking about abolishing racism.

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Which makes it the perfect time to ... buy my book?

If you want something with a spooky aesthetic that isn't scary

and something cute but aimed at teens and adults

Then you really might enjoy my novel BOOKS & BONE!

-goofy zombies
-necromancer pals
-ancient libraries
-horrifying curses!

Sample and buy links:

Let the ritual of black beans commence!

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