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ok i looked it up just to check myself and

yes indeed folks, there is scientific evidence that tetris is useful in the treatment of ptsd

people who went through something traumatic (in this case, car crashes) and then are asked to play some tetris relatively soon after (within about 24 hours) end up with less flashbacks

because brain is all "oh shit something bad happened, we should remember that always and all the time and - ooooh are those stacky blocks i LOVE stacky blocks"

further studies show that it may work a couple days after trauma, too and that tetris may just be really effective in terms of being something to give your brain to think about other than trauma during a flashback

so what i'm saying is

we live in a time where a couple years from now you may get prescribed tetris by a doctor,

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i've decided to be famous on the fediverse. thank you

Every word or phrase you don't understand if a reference to something you don't know.

Rediscovering a danish metal band I saw live and bought a t-shirt from five years ago. In the meantime they've gotten signed with Nuclear Blast and released their first two albums. Nice.

: Forever Still - Breathe In Colours

Fun fact: the danish word for corvid is "kragefugl" - literally "crow bird".

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Bananas are slightly radioactive due to certain caesium isotopes. Therefore you should never eat more than 600 bananas per second to minimze the risk of a harmful radiation dose.

Original tweet :

Deathpop isn't the worst genre I've listened to.

Other tracks on the same album:

"Don't Strike A Match, Use The Lighter"


"No Thank You, I'm More In To Fake Grindcore"

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: Blood Command - S01E02.Return.Of.The.Arsonist.720p.HDTV.x264

Yes, that's the official title of the track.

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this is the bumblebee culdesac of its time

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this reads like a goddamn shitpost i'm losing it

Fresh from the typo press:

child -> cihl

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absolutely fuckin cursed thought but I have to share it because god it's making me giggle. 

so, crocs

but thigh high crocs, right? Everyone's seen that monstrosity, everyone's aware of it, that's not new. But I got to thinking. Crocs are like... stiff plastic/rubber, right? if thjey were REALLY thigh length boots designed like crocs, you'd have to like... design them like plate armour.



Good morning. I hereby declare coffee time! :pikacoffee:

Parenting, pokémon 

The kid has invented the "fire ivysaur" today. That's a pretty neat pokemon.

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Today we put up looots of pretty fairy lights. I even let @zatnosk use the hammer once or twice.

Public display of affection, lewd adjacent. 

I really fucking love my girlfriend, y'know.


Word order is important here, but also not.

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