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Help for Krita!
I've previously used Photoshop to make a fantasy map, using Filter > Render > Clouds (as shown here:
Is there a way to do something similar in Krita? It's a great way to get awesome shapes for maps!

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Hello I am searching for someone to speak with in Korean and French, it's to study my Korean and have real feedback. And I will give you some as well

Please share πŸ™πŸ»

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Hi! I've been commissioned by
my friend (nyamomask at twitter) to draw her character named Dahlia. Thank you so much for your support! I had fun designing her outfit. ( Β΄ β–½ ` )
#kariavalonart #MastoArt

I want more power triangles in fantasy, a la Link/Zelda/Ganon and Mario/Peach/Bowser, but less heteronormative.


We have a box for dinosaur figures and one for animal figures.

The dragon figure lives in the box of animal figures.

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: a profile-picture changing app that not only changes the profile picture, but generates an image of the old profile picture and the new with an arrow between, like this:

[old image] β†’ [new image]

and posts it, to let people know that the profile picture has changed.

I'm not sure what kind of light bulb weighs 454 grams, but it sounds like a big one.

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The weight unit "lbs" is still and will always be expanded to "lightbulbs" in my mind.

That is all.

I am now a Psyduck until further notice :PsyduckPeek:

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hey did you hear they made a song about the asexual who's head of the digging equipment part of home depot? yeah it's called ace of spades

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@kurt @zatnosk I feel like skenk carries the specific meaning of pouring something badly or in a hasty and rushed manner.

"Ah mate, d'you mind pouring me another G&T? Nah, don't worry about measuring it out, just go ahead and skenk it in there."

"Oh, man, do you remember the mess from that party we had back in 2019? With the sambuca? Yeah, Gary absolutely skenked it. Just went all over the floor."

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please boost - trying to find a place for a trans woman to leave her abusive controlling family 

I'm posting this on behalf of a 20 year old closeted trans woman who lives with her family. Her family hates her and is incredibly abusive and controlling. She really needs a place to get out to.

She's in Pennsylvania. If you're around there and can take in a person, or think you might know people who can, please pass it on.

I don't expect anything will come of this, but I'm really hoping that we can make a real difference to one person's life. She needs to get out and she deserves to be happy and to actually be able to live.
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Skenk is to pour something.

Skynk is a breed of dog that is so foreign to the wolves we bred them from that you start to wonder if it even still makes sense to classify them as canines.

To Skonk something is the opposite of to grok something, it means something you do not and will never understand because its very essence is counter to your thinking process at the deepest level.


How the fuck are they still not done counting and verifying various levels of votes in that election of theirs in the so called USA?

I need/want a "is this account a mutual" signal whenever I'm about to reply to something..

When you're coordinating lizards in a timely manner, that's


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