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And no, not in a "Link is a jedi, Ganon is a sith" kind of way. More abstract.

More like..
Physical spaceship technology + a reincarnation cycle repeating the same surface struggle.

Or something like that. I haven't exactly identified all the tropes I like best from the two universes.

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I wonder how far I could go with a fantasy/scifi universe built around my favorite tropes from star wars and legend of zelda.

Hot take: The Rito (bird people) in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild are descendants of the Loftwing birds in Skyward Sword.

Do you know why October arrives so quickly after August? 

Because the month in between is sep-temporary.

: Chris Roth - Dreaming of Dystopia

I guess this album is my soundtrack today.

: Chris Roth - Alone In The Dark

Excellent music for commuting on a grey, slightly rainy, autumn afternoon.

Why am I updating "libasound" on a server that isn't connected to or supposed to have any kind of sound output?

Aaah, someone have had borrowed my office chair at work, so it was all the way down and wrongly configured. Aaaaaaa.

I'm not sure I can get back to "comfortable" now :blobugh:

I'd like some textual replies too, to get some other people's thoughts on prepping/running FediVision.

Suggestions for cool/fun stuff?

Suggestions for how to spread the word and get plenty of participants (both artists and voters/listeners)?

Should there be semi-finals, if there are too many artists? How many are too many?


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FediVision prep 

How far in advance should @fedivision be prepared and organized?

I am hooked on running the bot and organizing the signup and voting process for next year's FediVision, but I'm unsure when to plan the prep phase.

The event itself was held at the end of may - a week after EuroVision - this year, and I imagine something similar next year.

The prep period would include getting code up and running, getting the word out, and giving artists time to write/record.


Aaah, that was a delicious International Eat A Bird In November Day dinner we just had.

( )

tired: KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)

inspired: KFG (Kurt Friedrich Gödel)

this is getting boosts, so I'll "clarify" (at least to IT-people) that the issue was DNS.
No DNS means no fetching anything anywhere.

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now I can reply to y'all from over here again.

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also, why is sudo trying to do dns lookup of my own server? It adds a crazy long delay when I can't resolve anything.

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Oh, now I know why my mastodon server is acting weirdly. It's DNS issues.

(You probably can't see this post as I write it, because my server can't find any ip addresses to send to - but it can receive just fine)

My instance is failing to fetch images for some reasons, so all images fail to load and image descriptions in @Tusky are really helping me figure out what's going on and whether I want to open the post in a webview on the original instance.

Thanks, image descriptions and all y'all who write them.

The true purpose of the recent Dune movie is to provide raw material for an extremely pretty fan made music video for Iron Maiden's To Tame A Land from 1983.

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