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Man kan ikke stave "Sandwichrister" uden "christ".

Do you use the touchscreen on your switch (if you have one)?


It's a new cryptic currency. You mint new ByteCoins by sending eight BitCoins to me. Then you get a ByteCoin.

Happy Yule, everyone!

I hope you all get to celebrate the end of the year and the start of the new with people you love and care about, in spirit if not in person.

Til árs ok friðar.

I just found out that the Danish National Synphony Orchestra made a concert last year called "Fantasymphony: One Concert To Rule Them All" with movie soundtracks from Narnia, Game of Thrones, Pan's Labyrinth, World of Warcraft, and Lord of the Rings, among others.

And it's all recorded and available on spotify.

parenting, quote without context 

"Look, dad! My zombie chestnuts!"

Tired: Merry Christmas
Wired: Merry Brandybuck
Inspired: Meriadoc Christmas

(Off the scale: Feliz Kalimac)

Which hobbit is most fond of christmas? 

Merry "Christmas" Brandybuck.

Christmas in scandinavia means going grocery shopping shortly after lunch and being done around sunset.

Has anyone ever caught a Horsey in a pokémon game and named it McHorseface?


I just want some lower stakes and some lighthearted fun that isn't ridiculous satire.

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Hot take: Fantasy (and Scifi) stories are too often Action Movie Plots (win or die, save the world).

More Fantasy romcoms, mystery-solving, roadtrips, court dramas, political dramas, etc

Remember remember
May the twenty-fifth of december
Be with you

Question for all the old-console enthusiasts around here:

How do I get a good image from a Nintendo64 to a TV with only HDMI inputs?

We also have a GameCube and a Wii, so compatibility with those would be nice.

New TV / other screen is not an option.


In other news, I successfully put a mushroom on a 25/25 badger. Didn't help much.

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New theory: The ancient badger-badger-mushroom meme-song is actually a time traveller sharing their favorite Super Auto Pets build.

Fuck I hate that any search for things related to the genre "cyberpunk" is drowned in stuff from the "Cyberpunk 2077" game.

Never name your work after the genre, ffs! Especially not in a digital-SEO-branding-is-everything world.

Completely drowning any actual content about cyberpunk is indistinguishable from the acts of a cyberpunk villain.

What would happen if one were to build a company that was deliberately Cyberpunk-Villain inspired in its name and aesthetics, but all its work, services, and products were focused on (actual) privacy, diversity and personal-self-determination?

Good/bad idea?

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