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It's nothing fancy just yet, but we're on Mastodon.

Visit us at puri.sm/ to learn about our privacy, security and freedom respecting line of Librem laptops.

Additionally, we are running a crowd funded campaign for the Librem 5 smartphone located here puri.sm/shop/librem-5/

My son will be born sometime in the next month. I'm very excited to meet him ๐Ÿ‘ถ And it's fascinating to look back at how much I've grown as a person, since we found out.
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@Antanicus It's going to be either EU-mediated negotiation (unlikely) or Unilateral Declaration of Independence.

I was in Cataluyna for the vote - and political opinion was on a knife-edge on Saturday night.

By Sunday night - many soft-unionists had changed their minds and now support independence.
Echoes of fascism too much for some.

Conflict ahead.

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I don't know how to pick up here on Masto, after that series of tragic toots about the Earthquake.

But here I am, I suppose. Hi.

I didn't draw an orc today. But I attempted to draw an orc three times yesterday, so that means I'm good until the 4th, right? #Orctober
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If mastodon.social being down has you on your alt accounts consider moving permanently to lower the strain on the mothership and find a closer community for yourself

It's quite nice out here

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If you need to just take a break from the surface world, you're welcome down here.

Just, uh, let us know when you're visiting so we can warn you of the traps along the way in.

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@shekkiesqueaks oh, the usual. Fire traps, pit traps, spikes, maybe an alchemical trick or two. (I don't care if the players handbook says you can't use "reduce person" as a trap)

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News from birdsite: apparently there's a markov tamagotchi now, made by @chordbug@twitter.com (no idea is she on Mastodon)

๐ŸŽฎ foldr.moe/wordpet/
๐Ÿ–ผ botsin.space/media/IPtjZKBaWkS

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#ARTober: A month of #Art to remember!๐ŸŽƒ๐Ÿ˜ Show more

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Part of why I want to get into software verification is that I think software SHOULD be verified and proven it's safe! Too much stuff is released with incredibly dangerous bugs!

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oh i almost forgot it's the end of the month

send me your ko-fis/patreons/librepays/whatever if you create something and want a boost!

It's a real place. The borg is here: http://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=17/55.04090/8.79821
Resistance is futile. #Borg
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btw, if it weren't for open source and especially copyleft enthusiasts totally driving the 3d printing movement from the beginning, we'd have none of this.

Instead it would be a glut of mutually-incompatible rent-seeking "model stores" crowing about how beneficent they are for "creating a marketplace" (in which they get a cut of all transactions)

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Poked around a bit in hubzillas demo. I'm very NOT impressed by the interface. Also, where do I look to find a public node to sign up on, if I don't want to selfhost? Overall, it's not easy to get into. Not at all.
Sometimes it's a tiny bit annoying that gnusocial apparently ignores any deletion requests I send - which more than once have resulted in replies half an hour later to a post I immediately regretted posting and thus deleted within seconds.
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