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belatedly: This month's wallpaper is up for patrons of all tiers. :)


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Yoshi is a dinosaur
Dinosaurs are birds
Yoshi is a horse
Horses are birds

Screenshot taken: 6th October 2016, the very first time Mastodon got publicity. Tomorrow is somewhat of an anniversary mastodon.social/media/v7azRx8R

Here at Gargosoft we know that Bluetooth is an old outdated technology. This is why we've invest A Bunch Of Dollarsā„¢ into making an alternative: GreenTuskā„¢

Lately, you've taken to lucid dreaming, getting a kick out of re-shaping the reality you dream up to your will. This morning you woke up, still able to do all your lucid dreaming tricks, but every test you can think up is telling you that this is really happening.
#writingprompts #writing

"When you go into a public library... the librarian does not ask what services you have rendered to society before giving you the book, or the fifty books which you require, and he comes to your assistance if you do not know how to manage the catalogue." -- Peter "Santa" Kropotkin, my dude, my homie, on libraries and service for all society

federated minecraft over activitypub except when you beat the dragon it becomes

federated kerbal space program over activitypub except when you land on mun you find a monolith that turns it into

eve online

signal boosting to help someone find sports mastodon stuff~

Is there a #sports mastodon community? I think that's what I miss most on twitter hiatus.

ever think about how wild it is that our word for "picture that represents you online" is fucking Avatar

like, a hindu concept referring to the physical manifestation of a god

that's the word we use for the dogpic i have next to my posts

hi welcome to my ted talk about scrolling on modern webpages

*holds up a mouse and scrolls down, the slide on the projector slides out diagonally and reveals another slide that says "FUCK YOU" in big, bold letters*

thanks for coming to my ted talk

hail hydra Show more

That was a "Wooo" not a "Whoops".
Having a modular phone is awesome! #FairPhone2 :D
Woops, new cover and bottom-module* arrived for my #FairPhone2. Haven't installed the bottom module yet, but just having the cover on feels like a band new phone! *) Bottom module is primary mic, charging port and vibration, I think. My primary mic was busted = no regular phone calling. Luckily, I could just buy a replacement for that part, and didn't have to pay almost a months rent for a new phone.

I just finished reading this: aphyr.com/posts/342-typing-the

It's clever, but it's smug, and it would not get you the job. Thinking "Let's reinvent the wheel starting with inventing atoms" is a good idea is not a good quality in a production-level coder.