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Movement to replace the appropriative “is my spirit animal” and the super dorky Harry Potter reference “is my patronus” with “is my mech.” All in favor, just boost.

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SRK's forum is shutting down, so here's my thoughts on why reddit, facebook, twitter, etc. are terrible replacements for old-style forums

I really like that Mastodons new list feature lets me keep a few friends in a separate timeline in addition to the home timeline, so I'm less likely to miss their posts!

I need a better profile picture. But I have no idea what to put there.

The current image is a mutant standard emoji, and not very interesting as a profile picture; it's too simplistic.

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I don't need brands and media to tell me:

- If I should be manly
- How manly I should be
- How I should experience my manliness
- How I should express my manliness


Goofing around in IETF's RFCs, I kinda want to graph out the links between all the RFCs. Are there clusters of related techs?
Are there hubs that reference a lot of different techs?

Juggling multiple more-or-less open alts is kinda fun. Although the audience for this art-form is preeeeetty narrow, I think.

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Internet Things: The Phantom Juicero
Internet Things: Attack of the Phones
Internet Things: Revenge of the Fridge
Internet Things: A New Bot
Internet Things: The Empire Gets Hacked
Internet Things: Return of the Wifi
Internet Things: The Source Awakens
Internet Things: The Last Wifi

Rogue Pun: An Internet Things Story

I find it kinda funny how computers are supposed to do exactly what you tell them to, but because SPEEEED, someone told the computers to guess ahead of time what might happen, instead of just doing what the instructions actually says.

And now everyone is hurting, because we told computers to do stuff we didn't ask them to.

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So, realistically, when will I be able to get a RISC-V based router/modem?

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This game is a bit addictive and it's kinda sad whenever humanity goes extinct. But such a warm fuzzy feeling when the colonists end up weird but happy.

I'm growing a bit weary of PHP today. So much cruft and overhead and weird shenanigans - and I'm not sure if my fancy architecture make it better or worse.

When can I buy a laptop with a RISC-V processor and a formally verified OS?

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While getting dressed I find myself pondering a video game where you are a shoulder dragon with shoulder dragon sized problems. Sure, the wizard whose shoulder you ride on has some complex world-in-peril narrative to deal with, and every now and then she makes you do some weird mission that can only be accomplished by a tiny dragon, but mostly you're concerned with lazing around the place while she does research, stealing cookies from the cabinet, chasing the local rats and birds, accumulating a shoulder dragon sized hoard of shiny things, and so on.

It would be the most relaxing thing ever.

If you're writing a BNF syntax, you can't just provide a synonym for one of the keywords in the description afterwards without listing it in the actual BNF.

.... *stares sideways as MySQL docs*

I'm still frustrated and a bit angry about the ephemerality of mastodon and other feed-based social media.
I want context! I crave explicitly defined in-groups!
I can't handle all this uncertainty of "is anyone reading what I wrote, why hasn't anyone reacted, how many people have actually seen this" ! >:(

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